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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Here are a few of the totes I have been sewing...

Front, with pockets

Pockets inside

Back side showing snap

Several more totes finished or "in production" (no photos yet)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Star Wars Pillow

My grand son asked for a quilt... and his birthday is coming his mommy (my daughter) and I have been consulting via "Pinterest" to design his quilt. His input is simple... "Star Wars".

So when we found a Death Star quilt pattern...I knew I had to at least attempt it!

It required learning a new skill...English Paper Piecing (EPP). I am so thankful for the internet and a connection and a laptop computer! Google found the information I needed to begin the Death Star.

link to pattern .... patchwork-death-star-pattern

All the pieces cut apart

I did not have the fabric glue for figured that this skill is older than glue pens... there must be another way...
...very "old school" ... I thread basted all my little pieces to their paper shapes.

Here are a few of the pieces and the little helpers (plastic paper clips) that made it possible to sew these!
Sew the pieces together in their rows, and sew the rows together...
This is the lower section seen from the wrong side.

Lower section, right side up
I am glad I started with the lower "half" first...the pieces are larger, there are fewer of them, I got a sense of accomplishment quickly.
Top half in progress

When I carefully compared my work to the is a little larger, so the back ground pattern got trimmed a little.
I had the hang of it now...and...forgot to take photos along the way...
yes, I did have lots of basting threads to remove, but they came out easily.

All put together and quilted.

back of quilting...will be inside pillow

Finished pillow

The quilt that goes with this pillow is still under construction...will not be completed before the birthday.