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Monday, May 12, 2014

Quilts for 3 sisters...the finale!

A lot of "stuff" has happened since January when sewing began now it is May and the 3 quilts are finally finished!
...and I am trying to decide how to photograph them for you to see!

Maybe on a bed, two of them at a time??

Maybe only 1 at a time???

How about a close-up??
I wanted a way to photograph the whole I built a PVC pipe frame to support it.
All these pieces... together like this...

...then lean against the wall.
This is the frame without a quilt.
This is the Star quilt on the frame.
My first thought was to pin the top of the quilt to a sleeve that could be slid onto the top rail...
that idea did not work well! Curtain rings with little clips work well.

Here is the Simple Squares Quilt.

And Pinwheels!
All three together
A peek at the back side of 2.

Labels for each quilt, hand embroidered.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Red, White & Blue scrap quilt

I think it was at least 3 years ago that I began working on the blocks for this quilt...put it away to work on other projects...took it out again...etc... so I am pleased to say it is finally done!

Each block is "crazy pieced" to a thick foundation fabric...sash allows the seams to lay flat.

Start with an angular center and add alternating light and dark around it.

More of the quilt...

The whole quilt!

I took my rocking chair out to the back yard for some natural light.
Bald eagle print cloth on the back

And a simple label for historical purposes.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sock Elephant Baby Gift

I took a little break from the quilts in progress...

in order to make a Baby Shower gift for a young friend...

This is Edward the sock elephant.

Also made a Mini diaper bag from Elephant print cloth

Edward is sitting in the nursery organizer; a place to keep diaper change items together.

 Directions to make a sock elephant are found in Sock and Glove by Miyako Kanamori.
Now back to the quilts...

Friday, January 10, 2014

Three Quilts part 3...or... a mid-course correction!

The 3 quilt story begins here.   Part 2 can be read here.

Now to continue the tale of Three Quilts...

I had cut all the pieces for each special type of block and sewn 3 of them for the satisfaction of seeing them finished.

B's square
E's pinwheel

KA's star
Then I decided to sew all the simple squares first, cut a few of the large Bird print blocks and lay them all out on top of the blue calico (spaced to look like sash between blocks). The result was not what I expected! The computer drawn image is helpful, but it can't take the place of seeing the actual cloth sewn together. I thought sash would be a unifying element to bring the plan for all three together, but it was not "working" in the squares quilt!   One of the first images we saw when thinking about these quilts was a large-block quilt with no sash between the blocks, so...I moved all my blocks together to hide the calico (erase the sash). Oh how much better it looked to me!  The calico squares looked happy to be floating on a bed of flowers, and not behind the bars of sash!  But would the other quilts look good with out sash? ....back to the drawing board (or computer program in this case).

B's squares with out sash

E's pinwheels with out sash
KA's stars with out sash

I have adjusted the size of the borders to make up for the removal of the sash (none of which has been cut yet!).

A little time has past and a little more sewing is complete...
... here is B's center portion...
Big blocks sew up quickly!
E's pinwheels are done, and the Bird blocks are cut; waiting for a turn at the sewing machine.

Eight Bird print blocks and 7 pinwheels.
One "opps" moment...remember this block...

First pinwheel was not on the table while the others were being sewn.
So I had to take it apart to make it match all the others!

Now it is time to start cutting border pieces.

Finished quilts photos here.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Three Quilts part 2

Read part 1 here.
After washing and pressing all this cloth...31 yards of various calico colors; 14 yards of Bird & Flower print...
Calico washed but not pressed. is obvious that I have way too much fabric for this I think I will piece the backs out of "left-over" calico.

Each quilt will have its own unique pieced blocks; all three will have solid blocks of the Bird print.

Each of the blue calico prints will be used for sash and outer border in one quilt.

Here is the plan for KA's quilt.
Pieced stars, the most complex of the three.

B's squares

E's pinwheels

I spent some extra time figuring out how to cut all the different pieces and waste as little as possible, then realized I had more than enough!
All the pieces for all the pieced blocks (7 blocks per quilt)

B's squares
One of B's squares sewn together.

Some of E's pieces folded to try out colors.

Decided on one calico per pinwheel for E's quilt.

All the pieces for KA's stars
Notice that the blue calico in the pinwheel photo is NOT among the star pieces...because it will be the sash and border for this quilt.
Those pieces do not look like the typical star pieces because I am using a "No Y seams" method that I found here.  I have seen "star-like" blocks made from Half-square triangles but I do not like the seam in the star point that results from that idea.

Small square of Flower, diagonal pencil line for seam, sew to calico.

This is the beginning of star points. The extra corners will be trimmed off.

Corners trimmed, seams pressed, next piece sewn.

Seam NOT pressed flat, try again!

This one looks better.

Diagonal pencil line for seaming pink to green points.

An additional seam allows the "bonus block" to be cut off the corner.
Star points and a bonus block for later.

A note about pressing seams - sometimes I press them open to get a clean fold, then press to one side.

Pressed in the same direction as the other seams.
Four units of 2 points each make up an 8 point star.

Pairs sewn together.
Now to sew the pairs together ...those central points must match up exactly, so it is worth taking a few extra steps to get it right.

Use a pin to pierce EXACTLY at the point, and then through the corresponding point on the lower piece.

Pins on either side of the match point hold the alignment, and the red pin is removed.
Sew a few inches and then check it!

I'll take that for good enough! ....and sew the rest of the seam.
Press all the seams and it is done!
Six more stars...six more pinwheels...six more sew...before I can show you the next part.