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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Blue and White Chevron Quilt part 1

Remember these squares?... left over from the Red White and Blue quilt...
I set aside the red and the dots, and used the blue stripe and the blue floral.
This is going to be another Half Square Triangle - chevron quilt, but with smaller starting squares.
The 7.75 inch squares are cut into fourths.

Floral print marked on the back for HST seams, paired up with a stripe.
Stripes made it a little more complex...
I need "Right handed" and "Left handed blocks!
 Let me introduce "Molly Majestic" wonderful, direct drive, sewing machine. Probably made in the 1920's, a little fixing up...and now she runs like a charm!
To insure the proper number of each block. I stacked the stripe blocks alternating.
Glad I discovered chain piecing!
I leave the chain connected and sew the second seam of the HST, then cut it all apart.

Close up of "Molly"  stitching the first side.
Ready for the next step...
Clip the threads and cut on the pencil line.
Press the seams towards the darker cloth. (note - this lead to bumps later; so you must choose between shadows behind the white cloth in some places or bumps!)
This is why I need right and left handed blocks...
I want the stripes to behave like this!
All the half square triangle blocks have been sewn.

Close up of the different white prints I added to the mix.
Now to begin piecing it all together!

Sew pairs of Half Square Triangle blocks together then
sew pairs of pairs.

Eventually they are all connected like this...
then press your seams.
Here are 4 rows of blocks laid out in chevron pattern.
Several chevrons completed, next row lined up.

Flip the row along its long edge so right sides (face of fabric) are together.
I line up the row so I can see the chevron and make sure I sew the proper edges together!

Or you could line up pairs of rows...

...then sew the pairs of rows together.
Once you get comes together fairly easily!
Quilting will have to wait for another day....
(edited to has been quilted, see it  here. )

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Red, White, and Blue Chevron Quilt

I make things for The Ships Project...visit their web page
Knit hats for the winter and Cool ties (neck-coolers) for summer, and occasionally a quilt. I call this one the Deer Quilt.

This one was a special request,

See the deer and other wild life!

Sometimes I just make one from what I have on hand, or what is donated. My friend, Susan, an experienced Quilter, gave me some squares of cloth she no longer wanted to keep.
These are some of the left over squares!
The original pile was probably enough to make 2 or 3 Twin Quilts.
Susan also introduced me to the concept of "half square triangles".  So I used her squares and tried out her technique and made this quilt.
A view of the whole quilt
Another friend, Sharon, is a professional long arm quilter.  She donated her quilting services for soldier care quilts.
Close up of one of the stars

Close up of the border detail

Corner detail
Even the back is interesting!

Sharon "fusses" at me if I do not put a label on my quilt!
I have started another quilt using Susan's squares and some white on white prints...taking photos as I sew this time!