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Monday, May 12, 2014

Quilts for 3 sisters...the finale!

A lot of "stuff" has happened since January when sewing began now it is May and the 3 quilts are finally finished!
...and I am trying to decide how to photograph them for you to see!

Maybe on a bed, two of them at a time??

Maybe only 1 at a time???

How about a close-up??
I wanted a way to photograph the whole I built a PVC pipe frame to support it.
All these pieces... together like this...

...then lean against the wall.
This is the frame without a quilt.
This is the Star quilt on the frame.
My first thought was to pin the top of the quilt to a sleeve that could be slid onto the top rail...
that idea did not work well! Curtain rings with little clips work well.

Here is the Simple Squares Quilt.

And Pinwheels!
All three together
A peek at the back side of 2.

Labels for each quilt, hand embroidered.