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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blue and White Chevron Quilt, part two

To read about the beginnings of this quilt click here.

When my granddaughter saw a photo of just the pieced top, unquilted, said she would really like to have it for her birthday gift this year.
No borders yet.

Blue "crackle" print for the back.

I had originally intended to free motion quilt circles and meanders on each chevron...but I also wanted to be sure there was quilting near to each peak and valley of the chevron.
Intentionally not quite "in the ditch" stitching along the edges of each chevron.
I wanted to use a variegated blue thread and wanted it to show up.
Once all the zig and zag lines were sewn...I did a sample free motion test with my favorite machine for that.
"Daisy Mae" did a wonderful job on K-A's quilt (on left)...but her speed controller has developed some hesitation.
I need dependable control, so she needs a trip to the fix-it man!
My sewing machine repair man was on vacation...and I did not want to wait a week or more to finish the quilt...and the chevrons are only 2 inches wide so what I have done is "enough" I went ahead with the binding.
 I cut several 2.25 inch bias strips of the same cloth as the borders, sew the strips end to end until I have enough to go around the quilt. Fold the bias strip in half, length-wise and sew on the top side of the quilt, matching raw edges (do not trim the excess back & batting edges yet).

When the bias binding  is sewn all the way around, then the extra edges are trimmed off to look like this.

Now the folded edge of the binding is folded to the back of the quilt and hand stitched with a ladder stitch.

Hand closing the binding on the back...yes I need reading glasses to sew tiny stitches, and an extra light helps too!
Yes, I am left-handed, so this photo might look odd; I sew from left to right.

I made the label by tracing over text printed off my computer.

All washed and ready to gift wrap!