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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Claire's Quilt

I was looking through my scraps (well, OK, one of my scraps bins) and discovered a ziplock bag full of quilt squares, almost enough for a personal size quilt! I have a vague memory of thinking some grand child may want a quilt some day... who knows why these squares were left unfinished?? Then I thought of my young friend, Claire, born and raised in the south, now attending college in frozen Michigan (where I was born and raised!) Winter can get really cold up there, so she might need a quilt. Winter can get really gray too, so bright colors are welcome!
A quick sort job showed that 5 more squares were required and the one color in short supply was red.....
so 5 squares based on "what goes with this red" were made.

My photography "stuff" had not been unpacked since its trip to Faith's home with me, so....
lazy me... did not take photos of the construction process.
Finished quilt for Claire
I think I need a taller frame to hang quilts for their photo shoot!
remembered to label it.
another angle... different light
Claire may recognize some of these scraps from their original use, but I hope all of them will cheer her and keep her warm on chilly days.

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