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Saturday, March 2, 2013

"RAG" quilt

I think that the name "rag" quilt is mis-applied to this type of quilt... maybe "ragged" would work...
maybe "rag" is short for ragged edges.

I saw the technique here...Rag quilt basics but had not yet made one until....

my friend, Charlotte gave me a box of flannel scraps that just begged to be made into a quilt.  So I did it!

Squares were cut; top, inner and back

The blue check will be top, white is inner layer, yellow is back.
Lots and lots of squares were cut and paired up like these.

Each group of 3 layers is sewn to a neighbor group with exposed seams on the top side!

The back of the quilt will be smooth.
All the seams will be snipped.
All the snips will be frayed.

An old, clean toothbrush helps remove some of the lint BEFORE the first wash.

To do all those snips you will need the best tools... and these are not it!

 These are the best!

Spring loaded, self opening snips... borrowed from my friend, Sharon, a professional quilter were the best way to snip... but be prepared to do a lot of snipping.

My thank you gift to Sharon... a pouch for her snips.

Several squares sewn together form a row and all the rows sewn together form the quilt.
Back of quilt

Front of quilt after washing and drying once.
Remember to clean your lint screen several times while drying the quilt!


  1. What a beautiful baby quilt!! Looks so easy :)

  2. Hmmm... "RAG" might stand for "Really Awesome Grandma!"