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Friday, January 3, 2014

Three Quilts for Three Sisters part 1

How does one find 3 coverlets or 3 quilts to please the tastes of three very unique girls (now occupying one room)? the way...their MOM has an opinion too! so...Grandma offered to make 3 quilts using all the same fabrics, but slightly different designs. (This Grandma isn't crazy...she has a computer program to help with the calculations).
This is one of the ideas we worked on together.
But I am getting ahead of the story...
   we did not plan quilts, then shop for cloth...we found these prints (see below) then figured out how to use them!

Scanned images for the quilt generator.

Since I was not entirely sure how much of each I might need...I bought all that was left; it will be enough.
These two prints are the inspiration for the color scheme, more "players" are needed...

These were what I chose to add.

Now there is a small mountain of cloth in this project bin...pieces ranging from 1 yard to 8 yards. If you have ever washed a load of long know that I was not looking forward to "laundry day". I did not want to risk dye bleed out or differing rates of shrinkage, so everything MUST be washed. But before the washing day arrived a wonderful hint came along with a quilting tutorial I was watching!!!

[found the video again! watch Kaye Wood here.]

The cloth is laid out flat, then fan-folded up the yardage and the selvage edges pinned together with several large pins.

Here is the Bird print folded and pinned, ready to wash.

Here is the green, washed, dried and ready to be unpinned and pressed; very few wrinkles actually!

I should have "pinked" the cut edges, but there were no long tangled wads to unwind!
All the calico on the left is washed and "Flower" and "Bird" are pinned and ready to be washed!

And that stack of calico is just how it came out of the dryer-minus the pins!

The story continues here.

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