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Friday, January 6, 2012

De-construction of the coat

Once the decision was made to go with restructuring  the coat into a dress...
I tore into my work with gusto!

 Off with that ugly, floppy collar!

Off with the sleeves - but gently, they will be needed later.

Off with those clownish, ruffled cuffs; open up that sleeve!

Much better!

With a new lining and a new angle this sleeve will be just right!

But it is still too big all around.

Princess seams! With a transition from seam to pleat, this is the perfect place to take in the bodice with out reducing the skirt.

And we need a "Shakespearean" neck line.

And a little boning so we can lace up the front.

I think this is going to work out after all!

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