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Friday, January 20, 2012

Obi .....when?

I am often asked to help with costume pieces... or even entire wardrobes!  So when Joanne asked for help with Savannah's costume for MIKADO I said "Sure, you just want a sash."

Here is the kimono that was bought in Japan for her.

Lovely, but the director wants the principle actors to "Pop"... so she needs an awesome Obi...
this one was lent as a possibility...

photo by Joanne

It fit Savannah, but it really clashed with the lavender and blue of her kimono.

OK, I can recreate that in another color.... I have all month to do it ... right??

Wrong..... I made one too many assumptions.... it is Monday and the Obi is needed on Thursday... of THIS week!  It is a good thing I did not have a Tuesday morning sewing student!

This is the result...

I heard that she wore a gold flower in her hair! 
I hope to post photos of Savannah after the production.

and here she is!

photo by Joanne

edited to add photo of Savannah in her costume

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