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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Princess slip 1912; the materials

Now that my pattern difficulties are solved... let's sew....

Opps... don't have enough white broadcloth left, so it is off to the store....

I found white voile, extra wide, slightly soiled edge, for $ 1.50 per yard... less than the broadcloth at $2.95!
It washed up just fine, so now let's sew!

In my excitement to get started I forgot to check the details of lace placement... the vertical insertions stop at the edge of the lower horizontal lace... so take a few stitches out.

Lace over the princess seam

Don't catch the seam allowance in the lace stitching.

The lower band of horizontal lace has been pinned over the vertical lace. None of the insertions have been cut open yet. Note how the pins hold through the voile behind the lace.  If I sew this lace now, I won't be able to open the back of the insertion.

So I stitched only the top edge of the lace ..... then opened the seams behind the lace.

 Opened the seam from the bottom up until just under the horizontal lace.

Finish the raw edges but don't catch the horizontal lace. 

Lace folded up to avoid being caught

I thought my lace was 1 inch wide.....
but it was not......
so when I cut open the voile behind the center strip 
there was very little to roll and stitch.

I think I will treat all the rest of the "insertions" as "applique" lace and not cut the cloth open behind it!

Next week I will begin the back.... should be easier....
what was that about buttons & button holes???

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