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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Some thing Else... or a little of this and that!

I always seem to have several "irons in the fire" as great-grandma used to say....

actually I hate ironing .......even though I have the luxury of an electric iron that would have amazed our ancestors!  But I do love to sew.... all kinds of  things!  And here is the reason that the princess slip remains unfinished!

Cindy's cushion project... finished just in time for the arrival of out-of-town family visitors today!

The seat cushion foam was still in good shape, but the inner case of the back cushions was turning to powder. Those pillow style cushions had to be re-made before they could be re-covered.

I did not take photos as I worked on construction, but I will share my photographic struggles with you!

The sofa, chair and ottoman are in a sun room with large glass doors on 2 sides.

By the time I arrived with the cushions, the sun was shining in creating bright spots.

At first I thought the sun might be covered by the shifting clouds, thus giving me some softer light.  I waited while Cindy fixed lunch....... and waited some clouds.

So let's try adding some 'flash' light... not a good idea!

Hey, where is that sun light coming from? and could I move the sofa enough to block most of those spots? It was an idea worth trying.

See that little sliver of light on the left side...
move the sofa just a little more!

Better, but still not a great photo.

So I moved the sofa back where it belongs, turned the camera off, at sat down to finish lunch and chat with Cindy.... then the clouds came back!

Just as I thought the perfect light had arrived, I missed it!

Finally, the soft light I wanted.
I know it's not a perfect photo, but given my simple photography skills (few) and the available light.....
I'll keep it!

For some really great photography and classes, check out my daughter   Faith and her blog.

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