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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Telling on myself!

I know better than to do that.... but I did it anyway.... and suffered the consequences!

But there is a happy ending to this story, so I think it is worth telling.

I have made personal, memory quilts for all 3 of my daughters; each in their favorite colors, from scraps of cloth from clothing I made over all these years. And I made one for myself too!
My personal size quilt

Pieces for Kathryn's quilt, sorry no photo of completed quilt!

Abi's (mostly) Blue quilt

Window "quilt" for Abi's nursery
And one of my favorite photos of a quilt in use.....

Faith's kids on THE QUILT

see more of Faith's quilt here
Faith isn't the only one who enjoys the quilt!
So I planned to make Daniel his very own quilt.....
Get all the scraps out and sort into piles... a grand mess!! 
About this time I had the urge to experiment with some different quilt techniques... crazy piecing and free motion quilting.... so why not on Daniel's quilt??!!
One block

Several blocks and a peek at the back too! (unfinished edges)
 So far so good... but trouble was lurking in the red dye....
See the red and cream colored piece in the center? It had not been checked for color fastness, and it RAN 
When I soaked the completed quilt to shrink and "plump" it a little.... the red ran out onto the green squares on the back, and I did not notice it until AFTER the dryer has set it!
Nothing I did would remove this pink blot!

More pinkness!
This is the only pink spot on the front, it did come out almost all the way.
I know better than to put an unshrunk, unwashed piece into a scrap quilt!!! yet it happened anyway!
The happy ending is this...
When Faith, my daughter, saw the whole quilt she said that Josiah would love to have it for his birthday and would not even notice the pinkness on the back (and the overall look of it turned out a bit too whimsical for Daniel anyway!) So Josiah's birthday gift is ready well ahead of time, I still have time to try again for a good "Daniel" quilt before Christmas and January!

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  1. I live this post!! Especially seeing all the different quilts you've made for your girls :) we sure love ours!!