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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sock Monkey tutorial

I have made a few sock monkeys now.... maybe it is time to describe the process.
First... buy a pair of socks... no, one orphan sock won't be enough for a monkey, you will see why later.
Some socks waiting their turn

These have a dark, un patterned sole.
The Argyle sock monkey was made..... here to read about it.
These have stripes all the way around the foot!
The way the socks are made will affect the way you make your monkey. I do not like the dark soled socks for the head and body... see photos below....
If you use the toe for the head, the argyle stops at the side of the face.
These stripes make a better head.
Rustle the wrestler has his head made from the portion nearest the cuff, argyle all around!
My mom wanted to give a sock monkey to one of the grandkids for their birthday, so I offered to help.... if I could take photos along the way.... well.... we did get the monkey done, but I missed a few photos along the way! so here is the beginning of a monkey.
Here are the basic body parts, head and body-all one piece-including the heel of the sock;
arms from the piece with the cuff (unfolded);
legs from this sock if it is long enough, or from the second sock.
Second sock is cut for mouth, tail, ears, and hat.
Mouth is embroidered and the edge folded and basted . These legs are inside out, one end closed.

Arms stuffed and wrist stitched to form hands.
Tail stitched in a curve before cutting it from the foot of the sock. Ears will be sewn and then cut from this piece also.
Tail ready for stuffing
favorite stuffing!
Button eyes and a ribbon, but she still needs something!
A Hat!
Gretta, waiting for the birthday party!
I have a request for a monkey out of those yellow argyle socks.... hope I remember to take photos of all the steps next time!

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  1. I love these Rebecca. You are soooo talented!