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Thursday, August 9, 2012

"She made me do it!"

And I am glad too!

Let me explain.... my friend, Sharon the professional quilter, was "on my case" about my bad habit of NOT putting any label on the quilts I make. I did put a "presentation label" on the Pilgrim-league-t-shirt-quilt, because it was a "Thank you" gift from lots of people. But usually.... I just give them away with a small note or card.  Isaac's birthday quilt is a little different; I hired Sharon and her long arm machine to do the quilting for me!  After seeing her machine in action, I knew this was the way to go with this special quilt. So this post is about quilt labels and the most recent quilts finished.

Sharon's awesome quilting... see the stars in the cloth and the stitching.
Close-up of a stitched star
This is how I made simple labels for 3 quilts:

Printed the text on my computer in several sizes, used the largest one!

Printer is not working well, so printing on ink-jet cloth was not an option!
There is more than one way to get ink on cloth.....
Pigma pens (.05) with permanent ink
light table tracing box my AWESOME DAD made for me!
You can trace letters onto cloth using a bright window... tape the paper to the glass, tape the cloth over the paper, trace! Since ink does not flow up hill very well..... you may want to trace with pencil first, then go over the pencil lines at the table (not on the window) with your pen. You could also embroider over the pencil lines.

Blue ink on white cloth (scrap)

Dark blue ink on light blue cloth
Let the ink dry, then heat set with your iron.

The white cloth is doubled and bound with a piece of the same bias used for the quilt edge.
Stitched into a corner of the back before the binding is complete.
Binding closes the corner
But Josiah's quilt and Daniel's quilt (shh don't tell them yet!) are done, binding complete!
All 4 edges pressed under by 1/4 inch.
Hand stitched on the back (yes, the back is large blocks)
You can see more of Josiah's quilt here. 

No, you may not see more of Daniel's quilt until after Christmas!


  1. Very cool!! Though couldn't you have printed this on iron-on transfer paper? I think that might have saved you a step.

    1. Faith, The iron-on transfer paper I have used in the past is not permanent; it is meant for embroidery over itself. I could have used ink-jet printable cloth, but I have only seen that in white or ivory so a blue label had to be done this way.